How will we do this?

The Atoll Fresh Tuvalu Project will be run and operated based upon the Social Business Model.

Atoll Fresh will be a social business that is purely cause driven. Its purpose is to achieve social objectives through its operations with no personal financial gain by its owners or investors. It will achieve the social objective of providing a sustainable and affordable fresh fruit and vegetable source in areas where agriculture in detrimentally affected by climate change.

ALL profits made by this social business project will be reinvested back into Atoll Fresh for expansion into other regions of need across the Pacific and for community based projects.

We aim to raise funds for this project by either philanthropic donations OR via investors willing to enter into a social business model that gradually repays initial money invested but does not reap any dividends beyond that point.

The success of this Atoll will be measured via the impact on the people and the increase in fresh local food supply rather than the usual business models that are based on profit and dividends. Atoll Fresh’s sole goal is to achieve social benefits whilst providing a solution to a problem.

After many years of bringing this project together, and with much help and support from a wide range of people, Atoll Fresh is now ready for its next stage:

To bring a sustainable food security solution to Tuvalu and provide a nutritious supply of fresh local food, ongoing employment and community based beneficial projects to a nation facing serious food security issues due to climate change impacts.