Atoll fresh is a project that has a large potential to benefit Tuvalu in a number of ways.

Jobs for locals

Atoll fresh will provide stable paid employment for local people and develop skills and experience that can help ensure future employment potential.

Fresh healthy vegetables at reasonable prices

We are aware there is little choice in the market for fresh produce in Tuvalu and will endeavour to keep our prices down to try and make good nutrition available to everyone we possibly can.

Vocational training

We will be providing thorough training in agricultural techniques to everybody employed at Atoll Fresh. Our local staff will be trained in aspects of the farms operation and general hydroponic techniques as well as have career paths with Atoll Fresh in Tuvalu or internationally. We aim also to affiliate with the Little Growers Project which is an international charity that teaches school children to grow hydroponically by providing the equipment and knowledge. The vegetables produced can be used in the school or sold locally to help raise funds.

International focus

By fostering a project like Atoll Fresh Tuvalu will be recognised as a forward thinking nation that is willing to encourage and engage with clean technology to help combat the effects of climate change and address food security issues locally.

Tourism benefits

Atoll Fresh will be structured to allow for interactive tours for visitors or tourists in Tuvalu. We also hope we can help to enhance Tuvalu's appeal to visitors from abroad by improving the quality and variety of food available.

Research and development benefits

The Atoll fresh team will be constantly researching agricultural techniques and tropical crop viability and will be happy to share the results of any research with the Tuvaluan government and its people.

Long term benefits to public health

Fresh produce is an essential part of a healthy diet. Increased supplies of nutritious fresh vegetables helps reduce diet related illness and may help reduce public health costs.

Climate change mitigation

Quality of soil is never an issue with hydroponic growth and hydroponic farms are currently operating in some of the harshest climates in the world. This means that some of the effects of climate change Tuvalu experiences related to agriculture and current local food production can be mitigated substantially and rapidly by Atoll Fresh.