What is Atoll Fresh?

The team at Atoll Fresh has been involved in hydroponics for a few years now and has always been proponents of the technology and its potential for growing food where it couldn't usually be grown. When a chance encounter sparked an interest in the food supply issues in the South Pacific region and Tuvalu in particular we knew hydroponics could be a great tool to help address these problems.

Atoll Fresh farms will be a project built around hydroponics technology to produce year round fresh fruit and vegetables for the islands of Tuvalu. Focus will also be on the training and development of local people in the field of hydroponics and protected agriculture. The project aim is to carry out intensive production of fresh fruit and vegetables from land previously unusable for agriculture whilst providing job opportunities, vocational training and leadership experience for local people.

Atoll Fresh will use cutting edge, highly efficient technology to maintain regular and consistent production. We are committed to the improvement in availability (and affordability) of fruit and vegetables for the local and national market and providing excellent quality foods that have high nutritional value. Future possibilities of export of products will also be considered.

Atoll Fresh will provide secure job opportunities to locals for both the daily running of the farm and also the construction phase and employees will be given ongoing training in the hydroponics and farm management field. Using this concept as a model Atoll Fresh's aim is to then expand into other areas of the globe that have climate change and sustainability issues affecting food security.